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welcome to our 2020 Tucson Gem and mineral show website

welcome to our 2020 Tucson Gem and mineral show website

welcome to our 2020 Tucson Gem and mineral show websitewelcome to our 2020 Tucson Gem and mineral show website


Raining Rocks


Raining Rocks is a local Tucson small business owned and operated by Suzanne Morrison. They carry a wide variety of materials including; meteorites, minerals (including old collection and rares), rough, slabs, cabs, and fossils.  

Raining Rocks will be hosting the second annual Educational Lecture Series, at Raining Rocks on  Main! 

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Instagram - Raining_Rocks

Ugly Rock Beautifcation Project


Cheryl Taylor of the Ugly Rock Beautification Project creates wire sculptures on natural stone bases. Some of her works include trees created on copper in matrix, Turkish agate, quartz crystal and Black Canyon onyx. She will also be featuring hand-made pine needle baskets and sun catchers. Cheryl is the author of the Rock Shop cozy mystery book series.  Both books will be available at RRoM.


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Sirocco Design


Sirocco Design by Lisa Marie Morrison; lovingly hand-crafted Sterling Silver jewelry with select natural gemstones. Heirloom quality, infinity wearable pendants, rings, and earrings.

Instagram - LMMSirocco

Raining Crystals Shop


Raining Crystals Shop is a division of Raining Rocks, operated by Alexandra Weaver.  They are traveling to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show this year from the east coast and will be featuring a wide variety of  crystals. 

Instagram - Raining_Crystals_Shop 

Katherine Rambo


Raining Rocks on Main will be featuring two of author Katherine Rambo's books. The World Came to Tucson, covers the history of the Tucson gem shows. And Dark Flight: The Hunt for the Tucson Ring Meteorite.  

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Carefree Chrysocolla


Carefree Chrysocolla is owned and operated by Michele Ruyack Trumbull.

She makes Arizona chrysocolla and copper jewelry. As well as chrysocolla spheres and wood candle centerpieces and displays.

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Dacota Creations


Jill Bennett of Dacota Creations is a retired engineer and a second generation native of Arizona, with a passion for creating a wide variety of handcrafted wooded pieces. Her wide-ranging breadth of work, constructed from start to finish out of her Phoenix based shop, ranges from furniture to business signs to jewelry boxes to cutting boards and more.  Joining Jill, will be works from Jim Geisbush from Jimmy G's Creations, a civil engineer who turns wood on the side.  Jim's specialty is creating handcrafted boxes and stunning wooden cups and bowls.

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Dragoncelt is owned and operated by Ben Horney. Ben has been involved in the mineral and fossil world for about 25 years, specializing in Moroccan fossils. He will be displaying bone carvings among other items at the Raining Rocks on Main 2020 venue. 

Dark Sky Chain Maille


Dena Servis has a unique ability to imagine a complicated pattern and translate it into amazing jewelry comprised of many small hoops connected together, each one individually and by hand. She also creates the most incredibly delicate and complicated tatted pieces. She will be showcasing her beautifully hand woven chain maille jewelry and accessories accented with crystals and natural stones.

Email -  dena@darkskychainamille.com

Mike Cox Photography.


Mike of Mike Cox Photography has been a professional photographer since 2012. He has experience in a number of fields including: studio, commercial, fine art, time-lapse, and astrophotography. His landscape and time-lapse photography captures an indomitable grandeur present in nature. He has extensive experience printing both digitally and in analog darkrooms and is currently working on his Bachelors in Fine Arts at the UofA.  Both framed and unframed (for easy plane travel) prints will be available at the venue. 




Valugems,  owned by Valerie Huddleston,  offers a wide variety of products. This year at the Raining Rocks on Main venue they will be featuring Namibian minerals, India minerals, turquoise, jewelry, tumbled stones, tea infusers, and air infusers.

Email: valugem@gmail.com



Rocky Houndenstein


Rocky Houndenstein provides all grades of mineral specimens and provides history and educational information with each piece. At the venue this year the owner, Rocky Krichbaum will be featuring worldwide minerals and lapidary items.

Email- houndenstein@gmail.com 



Day Rock


Joan Day of Day Rock will be featuring several items from her personal collection. Including, mineral specimens of Vera Cruz amethyst, Italian fluorite,
old stock ocean jasper, celestite, bismuth, strawberry quartz points, terminated rose quartz, spheres, cabs, beads, and more. Also available will be a beautiful porcelain antique jewelry box and a Swarovski Mickey Mouse collectors pin.

Email dayjoan711@gmail.com

Gem and Mineral Shack LLC


Breshka and Chuck Meyer, owners of Gem and Mineral Shack llc, travel around Arizona to various Rock, Gem and Mineral shows where they sell a variety of specimens. Items at the Raining Rocks on Main venue will be mineral specimens of high quality, from relatively common to rare pieces.

Email  roxx4brains@gmail.com

Really Old Rocks


Really Old Rocks, owned by Bob Scholl brings you unique natural treasures of nephrite jade and banded iron formation from his claims in Wyoming, USA. Every summer Bob prospects for over 3 months out on the windy range and plains of Wyomings Jade Country to discover the amazing pieces he’s brought to the Tucson shows for the past 10 years. In 2020 he offers a new collection of banded iron windslicks and rare Kortes back nephrite jade.

Tamalin Craft


Tammy Johnsen established Tamalin Craft specializing in Crystal & Tarot Divination, Gem & Minerals, Beaded Jewelry Design and Instruction. She began her entrepreneurial journey in 2005. Tammy has created award winning beaded jewelry designs, an accessory purse line, art drawings, plus offers a collection of gem & minerals from around the world. Primarily vending music festivals & juried art shows, she then moved into social media sales. Tammy is also the Founder of a vendor co-op and a facebook group called Lightworkers Emporium. She has instructed jewelry creation & spiritual courses for over 20 years at prestigious institutions such as the Mesa Arts Center. Metaphysics, Gems and Minerals have been integral in Tammy's life since childhood, with a particularly keen specialty in quartz. Be sure to ask about a quartz reading.

More vendors to be announced.