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welcome to our 2020 Tucson Gem and mineral show website

welcome to our 2020 Tucson Gem and mineral show website

welcome to our 2020 Tucson Gem and mineral show websitewelcome to our 2020 Tucson Gem and mineral show website

2020 Guest Speakers - More to be announced

Maureen "Mo" Garrett


Mo Garrett has been involved in the rock and mineral education field for 20 years. She is currently in her 17th year teaching geology at Arizona Western College in Yuma. 

Previous to and in conjunction with she was sharing her love and passion for all things rocks and minerals with students at Fourth Avenue Junior High School in Yuma and San Luis High School in San Luis AZ. She has a degree in geosciences from Mississippi State University. 

Her preferred method of teaching is to get students actively participating in the learning experience, which has included, building a life- sized cardboard Stegosaurus and setting it up in the hallway of the high school where she was teaching. 

Mike Cox


Mike Cox is a world traveler, astrophotographer, and professional photographer since 2012. He will be returning to the Tucson gem show Educational Lecture Series to talk with us about general and modern photography, including the use of drones, in capturing the perfect image. He will also be sharing with us his experience traveling to Chile to photograph the total eclipse on July 2, 2019.


Steve Scott


Steve Scott has had a lifelong interest in the study of rocks, and has built a variety of fossil, and mineral collections. He graduated from Northern Arizona University in 1979, as a Land Management Major, with a Earth Science Education Degree. He also acquired his Master of Science Education from FSEU. Steve dedicated his life to science education. He taught in the Clark County School District for 32 years, 10 in the classroom, and 22 as a traveling museum science teacher for the CCSD Museum Without Walls. Additionally, he was a CCCC adjunct geology teacher and also team teaching an Earth Science Course for teachers at UNR. Steve was on the Nevada Mining Association Education Committee and was president of the Great Basin Chapter of the Friends of Mineralogy. He still enjoys staying active sharing knowledge and teaching about the Earth. 

Dena Servis


Chain maille had long been a fascination (yep – everything from childhood stories of King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table to the amazing armor hand crafted for the Lord of the Rings movies) before she finally decided she was going to figure out how to construct fabric made from metal. So, off she went into the world of rings, wire, and pliers (woo hoo – tools!) and immediately faced the dilemma so many artists have faced – so many ideas, so little time!! Through her work she hopes to share her excitement for this ancient art form, as well as the deep appreciation and respect she has found for the patience and incredible skill of those who first developed this process.

Odie House


Odie has been involved in the rock and mineral world for 30 years. His specialty is cabbing, which he has been doing from the start, and jewelry making with 20 years of experience. Odie will be joining us for an evening of cabbing 101 where he will take us through choosing rough material and slabbing it to a finished cab.

Twink Monrad


Twink Monrad is a world class meteorite hunter who was one of the first people to explore the Gold Basin strewnfield. She is married with 2 grown children and daughters-in-law and  has lived in Tucson since age 2. She was a busy homemaker when good friend and neighbor Jim Kriegh discovered a meteorite strewnfield in northwestern Arizona in 1995. She was invited to help map the field with detecting expert John Blennert and Jim for the University of Arizona. She discovered two new meteorites during her time hunting at Gold Basin, Golden Rule and Golden Mile. Since Gold Basin she has discovered two more new meteorites; one at Franconia which has been classified and named,  Yucca  031, and another currently being worked on.

Bob Scholl


Bob is an accomplished field rock collector with an expertise in Wyoming Jade. He's been studying and prospecting Wyoming Nephrite Jade for the past 10 years and has spent 3 months every summer for the past 7 years living on the Wyoming range prospecting for this elusive stone. 

James Tobin


James Tobin has had a lifetime passion for all things related to meteorites. Beginning with his first trip to Meteor Crater as a teenager he has never lost his sense of wonder for that amazing location. Over the last twenty years, he has written four books on Meteor Crater most of which dealt with the crater's history. His last book Drilling for Meteorites was devoted to a portion of the exploration work at the crater never detailed before in print. He has written several other books on meteorite identification and meteorite preparation and preservation.

Jim is an expert in lapidary work and is responsible for much of the meteorite preparation at The Meteorite Exchange Inc, a company in which he is a partner. While primarily meteorite dealers, they have always sought to provide educational information on meteorites at every opportunity. With that goal in mind, Meteorite Times Magazine was created and Jim has always written a feature article. He has also contributed articles to Meteorite! and other publications. He was science editor for The South Bay Magazine and wrote a feature article on astronomy called Star Checking. Jim was a guest on an episode of the television series Meteorite Men.

He is a man with many hobbies. He is a silversmith, an astrophotographer, an artist in leaded glass, and ceramics. He is a father of four and grandfather of seven. 

He is retired now from the graphic arts world where he was the owner and manager of printing companies. But he always came home with ink stains he loved running the presses.

Below is a link to his newly created Meteor Crater History FB page, please head on over and give it a like.